Bonita’s organic products are part of a family story that desires to reflect and transfer what it does best for itself. Founded in 2018 in Skopje, Macedonia, it intends to help developing a healthy lifestyle of the entire community, at the same time increasing its quality. We are what we eat, said Hippocrates, and we believe deeply in this sentence that proves itself true every day.

Healthy and good nutrition, additionally to a healthy body and healthy mind, shall enable us fulfillment of everyday tasks and enjoyment with full capacity.

As promotors of healthy lifestyle, we invested a lot of love, care and high-quality ingredients, all of them organically certified.

In synergy with nature, without using substances that our body is not recognizing and things that can harm us, Bonita is first of all launching super-tasty organic butters. With a plan and vision for a wider assortment of organic products, we want to provide parents with the possibility to instill healthy habits in their kids from young age. We wish to give great energy to professional and recreative sportsman and sportswoman, and simply enjoyment and treat for everybody.

Bonita will do its best to keep and continuously improve the quality of its products and to offer it’s best to the fans.

Many surprises are to come, take this journey with us.

Enjoy with Bonita – the taste of happiness.